1. A first preview version of the Wombat Dialer is available for download - see http://www.wombatdialer.com/installation.jsp

    After you install, you need to define a few things to have it run:

    • A trunk, that is a set of outbound channels. This can be shared with other users on your PBX, so it basically tells Wombat to use no more than the chosen number of channels - e.g you could have an outbound trunk called DAHDI/g2/${num} and you tell Wombat to use no more than 10 channels out of it.

    • An end-point, that is a point in your dial-plan that has to be called when the call connects on the trunk. You could have Asterisk play back a message, run an IVR, enter a queue - you choose. For example, if you run FreePBX and want the calls to connect to the same point you’d get by dialling 1234, you would set this as 1234@from-internal. Here you have to define again the maximum channels to use - for a start, make it as large as the trunk.

    • A list of numbers to be dialled. They can optionally have parameters that are passed to Asterisk dialplan, so to you have an automated message that plays “Your invoice # 1234 is past due” , you would make your extension play "Your invoice number", then synthesize the content of variable INVOCE_NUMBER, then play "is past due".

    Given these rules, it is possible to start experimenting with the Wombat. Good luck!