1. News and User Manual… at last

    We have been working for a while on improving the WombatDialer experience. So in versions 0.5.0 to 0.5.7 we fixed many glitches in the user interface and made the user experience way smoother to follow. We thank the many people who tested WombatDialer and posted error reports so we could improve (you know who you are!).

    WombatDialer has been in production use in three medium sites for a couple of months now (adding to our initial pilot site), having 50 to 100 agents each, and has been exensively used as a robodialer and a power dialer. So we expect it to be essentially stable and usable. No major issues have been found in the dialer itself so far. We welcome all comments and suggestions.

    As an added benefit, we now have an initial draft of the User Manual online - it should be enough to document the basic concepts and the APIs in a systematic fashion. You can find it in HTML or PDF formats on the manuals page.

    We had a lot of good feedback and suggestions at the Astricon 2012, so stay tuned!