1. WombatDialer 0.6.4 released

    We have just released WombatDialer 0.6.4 - this is the first version that does not expire but has a licensing model instead. So when you upgrade, it will contain a limited demo key and you can ask for a demo license in order to run a full test with a large number of lines. You should really upgrade as current versions will expire by the end of the current year.

    The licensing model used with WombatDialer is linked to the total number of lines it may use - does not matter how many campaigns you are running, how many calls you make and how many Asterisk servers it’s controlling. You can purchase multiple licenses at once, so for example to have 60 lines you may install a 50-line and a 10-line license together. And we believe you can create intresting and useful applications even with the 2-line free license included - enough for a doctor’s appointment reminders, for example. And pricing for license packs is really affordable.

    Licenses can be installed from the License page, after you log in, and are displayed on the dialer status.

    We look forward to your comments - WombatDialer is now a small community and it’s starting to be used worldwide.