1. WombatDialer 0.6.7 released

    A new version of WombatDialer is out. The major changes implemented have to do with what happens when a campaign run terminates abnormally - e.g. if the system is shut down in the middle of a call. In general WombatDialer is supposed to recover gracefully when it gets back up, but there were a couple of possible cases where calls would linger on in the live screen (“ghost calls”). This version introduces a sanity check at the beginning of each run so that the database is purged of possible unwanted entries.

    As a side effect of this job, we came across a set of cases where database access was sub-optimal and optimized those. This will make dialer startups quicker and will impose less load on the server when performing Live monitoring of calls.

    The Live page was also improved - the details on which run is placing a particular call are easier to see, and the status of the dialer is also always visible from the Live page.

    As a last note, we are trying a new form of collaborative support system - you will find it at http://wombatdialer.userecho.com. It is supposed to make it easier for a community to be heard on what is important and should make our life easier when pushing for new features. We suggest you stop by and say hi, so we can test how it is.